Montreat Youth Retreat 2018

Montreat Youth Conference 2018

July 8-14, 2018

The theme for this year is “Lift Every Voice.”


What is Montreat Youth Conference?

“Montreat Youth Conference (MYC) is a unique gathering of young people from all over the country for a week of study, worship, and recreation.”

What do we do at MYC?

“Activities include morning energizers, music, keynote, small group meetings, afternoon recreation activities, and evening worship.”

Who goes to MYC?

“MYC is designed for high school students, entering freshmen through graduated seniors, and for their group leaders.”

Where is MYC?

MYC is located in Montreat, NC at Montreat Conference Center. This is in eastern North Carolina within the Blue Range Mountains.

Why go to MYC?

“MYC 2018 will strive to be a place where authenticity, community, connection, and God’s truth thrive. It will seek to be an inclusive place where each voice can be heard and where each heart can be molded; where change is invited, challenge is expected, and where all are embraced.” *

What is our first step?

Let Pastor Katherine know your interest in going to Montreat. Ask her any questions you might have. Officially sign up for the conference by turning in your deposit (see below).

Where will we stay?

We will be staying in one of the dorms at Montreat College. Montreat Conference Center and Montreat College overlap grounds, so we will be right in the heart of the action during MYC. Plus, we have air conditioning!

How much will this all cost?

Any summer camp or retreat does cost money. MYC has a registration fee. We also have to pay for our housing, our food, and our travel. There is one free afternoon that we could possibly fill with an activity that we pay for. We will not know the full amount due until we figure out the cost of housing and number of people attending. An estimate is between $700- $800.

When will the money be due?

The deposit of $150 is due May 9. If this deadline or total cost estimate causes worry to you and your family, please contact Pastor Katherine ASAP. She knows this is a short turn around and promises that the next time we go to MYC, the deadline will have MUCH more notice. The rest of the money will be due June 24.


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