The Lord's Supper

At PCUM the Lord's Supper, or Communion, is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and at other special times in the church's life.  One of two sacraments (the other is Baptism), the Lord's Supper is an outward sign, in broken bread and poured-out cup, of Christ's gift of love to the world in his broken body and shed blood on the cross, and of the victory of that love on Easter Sunday. 

7cGiprAwE1hw5MezjC1witWb7RrhWL3v9-8uVaE9_c8,MlB3c20bKPNvuYSWM6ODrz_oDBk_rm1Zxz42EerBpNs[1]In the Presbyterian tradition, trust (faith) in that love above all else and the desire to be reconciled to God and neighbor are all that are necessary to come into Christ's real spiritual Presence at the Lord's Table.  Thus Communion is normally open to anyone who has been baptized, in any Christian faith tradition.  And because none of us is able to understand or earn what God offers us freely, baptized children of any age, who are being nurtured in the significance of the Lord's Supper at their level of understanding, are invited to take their rightful place at the Table.

We Presbyterians believe that the Lord's Supper is a joyous family meal presided over by Christ, who loves and welcomes us as we are.  What a great message of Good News for us--at any age!  At PCUM, appropriate instruction in the meaning of Communion is provided to children of all ages in our vibrant Church School program.  With that support, parents determine the best time for their child(ren) to begin participating in the Lord's Supper with their wider church family.