Life Events

From birth to death, the Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair is here to provide guidance, care, support and a framework for the important events of our lives.


As part of the Reformed branch of Protestant Christianity and as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), PCUM trusts that the God who created everything always reaches out in love first to us and to a broken world. In responding to God’s sovereign grace, Presbyterians value education, each person’s perspective, a commitment to justice in the world, and an informed, lovingly-critical engagement with with God's authoritative Word in the Bible.

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The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair (PCUM) is a member of the Presbytery of Northeast New Jersey, a collaborative and mutually-supportive group of urban and suburban Presbyterian congregations serving Jesus Christ across northeastern New Jersey.



In the Christian tradition a wedding is a worship service, the moment when two people, in the presence of God and their loved ones, give thanks to God as the source of their love by committing themselves to a married life together.

The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair hosts weddings for both church members and non-members alike, although members of the congregation have priority when scheduling. Weddings at PCUM may be scheduled at any time according to the following criteria:

To find out more about availability, amenities, requirements, and fees for weddings, at PCUM, contact the Church Office at 973-746-3854 and

Funerals & Memorial Services

A funeral or a memorial service is a worship focused on giving thanks for the gift of life as well as the Good News that God's love reaches and embraces our loved ones even across the boundary of death.

PCUM's pastor is available to provide comfort, to assist with the spiritual and practical realities of living with grief and loss, and to work closely with the family to create a service that honors God's gift of the deceased’s unique life. Funeral and memorial services are always under the direction of the church’s pastor.