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Welcome to the PCUM Giving page! This page represents a huge milestone for PCUM – the first time online giving has been possible at our church!

PCUM’s online giving is powered by Monk Development, our web development company, in concert with its payment processor First Data Corp. All transactions are done in a secure, encrypted environment just like other websites you have used for online giving and purchasing.

We accept all major credit cards except American Express, and we accept debit cards and ACH checking transactions.  The credit card companies impose a 2.5% exchange fee on all transactions, so we ask that you “gross up” your giving amount by 2.5% so PCUM does not have to bear this cost. So, for example, if you are giving $100, we ask that you submit a donation for $102.50 to take into account this fee.

PCUM members and friends can give for the following purposes:

  • Offerings – Pledges – for 2019 … to support PCUM’s ongoing ministries and programs. Non-Pledgers: You can donate here as well!
  • Prior Year Pledge – didn’t finish your pledge from last year? Pay off the balance here. 
  • Deacons Fundto support the mission of our Deacons.
  • Capital Expenditures Fundto support a buildings improvement project.
  • Memorial Endowment Fundto remember a loved one or friend through a memorial donation to this restricted fund, or a general gift to the MEF.

In the drop-down menu on the transaction form, please specify one of these purposes so we can direct your online donation correctly.

If you are a PCUM member and regular giver, you should register on the giving page. This will allow you to receive an email confirmation of your transaction. Otherwise, you can donate as a “guest” without registering. Your online donations will be recorded on your family’s Contribution Statement just like they have in the past.

Thank you for using PCUM’s online giving tool! If you have any questions or problems, please contact Sue Sabo, Financial Secretary, at .

Click Here to Give Online