sanctuary christmas"We welcome everyone to a worship experience centered on an expectant engagement with Jesus Christ in scripture, music, and fellowship. In worship, children and adults come together to celebrate the good news of God’s grace and to be transformed by the powerful assurance God’s love brings to each one of us."  (PCUM Core Values)                                                                          

Worship at PCUM is the heartbeat of this vibrant community. Sunday services in our beautiful sanctuary are at at 10 a.m. Whether you're a first-time visitor or long-time attender, whatever your background or point of view, you are valued and welcome here.

Sunday morning worship runs approximately 65-75 minutes, and children have a central role in every service.  PCUM's worship is both relaxed and reverential, centered around our engagement with God's Word in scripture and responding with heartfelt prayer, joyful singing and shared commitment to following Jesus into today's world. 

PCUM Sandy worship & communion - 11-4-12You'll find that the core of the worship experience at PCUM is a serious and expectant engagement with God's Word in the biblical tradition. The Presbyterian values of independent thinking about God and deep caring about the world are emphasized and encouraged. Sermons challenge and equip worshipers to become more willing to relate God's radical, life-giving Word to their everyday lives.