Prayer Joys & Concerns

 Please contact the church office ( ) to have your prayer request added. 

Requests stay active for eight weeks.


4/13 - Thanksgivings for the PCUM's pastors, staff, musicians and the Worship & Music Committee for their hard work and efforts to bring the congregation several beautiful and meaningful online worship experiences this holy week. 

3-3 - Thanksgivings for a successful Annual Meeting of the Congregation.

2-26 - Thanksgivings for a beautiful and inspiring Ash Wednesday Service.



4/13 - Prayers for the Leonard family as they mourn the loss of Tom, husband to Patricia and father to Gavin & Brian. 

4/13 - Prayers for the Moomjy Pahl family as they mourn the loss of Andrea's mother, Lenore.

4/10 - Please continue to pray for complete healing for Renae Baker who is at home recovering with Covid-19.

3/9 - Prayers for Mary & John Beckhusen as they mourn the loss of their sister-in-law, Tara. 

3/9 - Prayers for Julie Scott, mother of Pastor Katherine, as she undergoes medical tests.

3/9 Continued prayers for Denise Silecchia, Mike Allen & Jordan Green as they mourn the death of Denise's father, Mike Silecchia.

2/21 - Prayers for Melanie, a close friend of the Dickson family, as she faces surgery on Monday 2/24.

2/19 - Please hold the Spergel and Chopoorian families in your prayers as they mourn the loss of Al Spergel, beloved husband to Doris, father to Lori and grandfather to Lara and Anya.