Presbyterians are Christians who elect their leaders from the worshiping, serving membership. Thus authority in the church resides not in individuals set apart from the people of God but rather in groups of elected leaders, who are called by God to serve for a period of time, and who together seek to discern God’s will and way for the church. At PCUM and in all Presbyterian congregations the pastoral staff partners with the elected leadership to carry out Jesus Christ's ministry in and through the people of the church.

Each year, the congregation elects leaders to the Session, Board of Deacons and Endowment Trustees to work with the clergy and staff in guiding and managing the programs and ministries of the church. Elders and Deacons serve three-year terms. Click here for a list of our current officer classes.

The congregation also elects Members-at-Large to serve on the Nominating Committee (alongside representatives of the Session and Board of Deacons). The Nominating Committee considers the Presence of the Spirit in the lives of members recommended as leaders—and then nominates a slate of candidates who stand for election during the Annual Congregational Meeting each winter.

The Elders (presbuterai in the Greek of the New Testament) serve on the Session (board) and are called to pursue Christ's vision and exercise leadership, government and discipline for the life of the church. With primary responsibility for nurturing and overseeing the spiritual and theological life of the congregation, each Elder works on at least one ministry team with a specialty in service to others, worship, congregational life, education, or stewardship to ensure that the gifts and spiritual resources here at PCUM are used in ways that keep this Body of Christ close to God.

Board of Deacons - "The ministry of Deacon (diakonia) as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, or anyone in distress." (Book of Order, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A, G-2.0201)

PCUM’s Deacons:

Direct the community's attention to the needs of those who are vulnerable—through relationships with homebound/elderly members, support of the Montclair Human Needs Food Pantry, blood drives, and the annual Spirit of Giving program that raises funds for worthwhile causes each Christmas.

Provide hospitality to all God's people by coordinating the Coffee/Fellowship Hour ministry, preparing for monthly celebrations of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, and organizing receptions for families following memorial services and funerals.

Offer pastoral care through visits, correspondence and delivering flowers to homebound and hospitalized members and friends. • Support the church's service and outreach ministries Memorial Endowment Fund (MEF) Trustees MEF Trustees are called to exercise fiduciary responsibility for accumulated financial resources of the church in the interests of the congregation’s ministry in the Lord’s name. Their responsibilities include management of the congregation’s endowments and future funds.